Example of a business plan

As a starting entrepreneur it’s important to start with making a business plan. On this page we provide you with an example, it also contains information and comments. Should you have any other questions; you can always ask them at administration office Optimum AA.

Start of a business plan

In a business plan you start with introducing yourself and any business partners. This introduction’s an overview of your personal information. The first part of making a business plan looks like making curriculum vitae. Your personal characteristics are also important.
Also implement the answers to questions like:
– Why do you wish to become an entrepreneur?
– What makes you a good entrepreneur?
– What are your competences and goals?

On to your company idea

The next step in making a business plan has mostly to do with explaining your company idea. The idea has to be catchy, make sure that you can explain this idea well within a couple of minutes and sentences. Come up with a fitting name for your business/company. Consider what kind of business entity you wish to use for your company. Where do you wish to establish your company? What kind of need do you think you’ll provide? Where are the opportunities for your company? What’re the possible risks for your company?

The last two questions can best be answered by using the SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).

Exploring the market

The next step has everything to do with exploring the market. You can do this by doing market research. Discover who your clients are, but also who your competitors are and if there’s a demand for your services/products. By doing this you’ll also be able to think about choosing your marketing strategy. It’s wise to notify, in your business plan, which permits u have/or want to apply for. Which insurances you have/or want to have for the enterprise and last but not least, how you plan to do your administrative work.

Mapping the financial aspect

Funding plan
Last follows the funding plan. This is one of the most important parts. Clearly indicate what the amount’s that you think you need and where you’ll spend it on. Try to personally invest in your enterprise, it’ll show that you believe in your own company.

Income statement (operating budget)
The income statement should include your estimations of the company performances that can be realized. The company performances should include your estimations of turnover, costs and company profit or loss for the future. The expected future company performances should be as realistic as possible, because an unrealistic estimation will discourage you and will give the financer a bad view if the true company performances deviate too much from the estimations. Therefore it’s highly advised to make a conservative estimations/budget, because it’s easier to explain company performances what’re better than initially budgeted.

Cash flow statement (cash budget)
The cash flow statement should include, the expected cash flows based on the income statement. The estimated future cash flows should be, like the income statement, as realistic as possible.

Need help?

Administration office Optimum AA would like to help you with making your business plan. Do you wish a noncommittal proposal, or do you wish to become acquainted with us in a meeting, if so, feel free to call us on our phone number under contact or fill in your contact/company information.
See the link for an extensive example of a business plan (Rabobank)
Example business plan